Our business profile

Our extensive experience in the furniture industry and well-founded knowledge of the requirements needed for quality, procurement and production flows has fully equipped us to assist a broad range of clients with a varied assortment of projects, and at the same time made it possible for us to develop our own product range under our own brand.


our Dressing module and Clothes storage serie

The Nova series is designed for children between ages of 1 and 6 years and focuses on storage and dressing facilities. Nova is tested to the EN standard and meets the requirements for non-toxic preschools.

Nova has features like clothing storage, boot jack, a message tray, shoe hangers, change ramps and more.

NOVA Play Car

a product for playing in and a place to relax

Our business concept

Bejco AB is committed to the realization of every single idea enabling it to be developed into a finished sustainable product. And to assist and guide our customers with the right documentation and fulfilment of requirements so that the product meets every demand placed on it by law. We are also committed to ensuring the development process so that both product and production are carried out in an ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Bengt Johansson founder and product developer

NOVA Workbench

For iPads, Tablets, Drawing, Painting

Nova has features like clothing storage, boot jack, a message tray, shoe hangers, dressing module and more.

Business areas

  • Design
  • Product development
  • Construction
  • Product documentation, determining the requirements in accordance with the product standards
  • 3D drawings, design and production documentation
  • Purchasing, supplier agreements with our clients
  • Product relocation, quotation processes
  • Quality assurance in connection with implementation and production start
  • Environmental and quality assurance for our clients


We are looking for retailers all over Europe. If you are interested in marketing our products don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, mail.


Bejco create and deliver products that meet the safety and environmental requirements of the current EN standard for each product area, as well as comply with the Chemicals Inspectorate’s criteria and requirements for a non-toxic preschool.