Bejco AB was founded in 2016 by Bengt Johansson

We are a young company, but our employees represent a broad range of skills and extensive experience in a variety of roles. Our many years of professional experience and our broad-ranging expertise ensure that we are committed to quality and safety. We have a widespread contact network in furniture manufacturing in Eastern Europe, the Baltics and parts of Asia, including China. We are well acquainted with the product standards and the legal and environmental requirements established in the areas in which we operate.

Bengt Johansson
Qualified Furniture-maker with a total of 50 years in the profession.
Worked as a furniture salesman and group manager with KF Miljö for 7 years, and Interior furnishings fitter for 8 years.
Has managed his own business in the furniture & carpentry industry for 23 years.
Product development technician for Children’s Ikea for 7 years.
Senior Product Development/Purchasing Technician for Lekolar for 5 years.

Fredrik Asplund

Skilled corporate executive and board member, with 25 years of experience from the furniture business as CEO for Lekolar and Lammhult Design Group, prior to that several different positions within IKEA.

Ingvar Nilsson
External business and purchasing specialist
40 years of experience mainly within Eastern Europe

Björn Johansson
Purchasing and Product Technician.
Qualified Furniture-maker